Change is COMING

The New Moon is still overshadowing us, and if you dig deep,

you may find the nuggets of truth you were hoping for.

The next 15 days will be very illuminating.

It's a spiritual boot camp to get things DONE,

especially the lessons of Mercury Retrograde.

If you missed this past week's, Weekly Grace,

I gave a Tarot Reading for this week. But here is one for today:

LIES abound. The mental clarity is off, and it's creating a lot of pressure

for us right now. Things seem overwhelming, but the truth is, we need to

go back to purity.

In the physical body, you may have to make changes. The Aquarius/Pisces moon

is about health-healing. Issues around diet, lifestyle and how we approach our life are

MASSIVE right now.

Take this to heart. You can not keep doing what you have been doing,

to get new results. You have to change your ways.

The faster you do this, the better.

It's time to get mentally & emotionally CLEAR on what you want, and ask Spirit to

help you to get there. Stay open, avoid mental games/one up manship with people,

and find your NEW PATH of success!!!!



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