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Welcome back beautiful angels! I am sure by the time you read this, you may have experienced some kind of unexpected news that may be hitting you pretty hard. Let's get into astrology and what to expect from these positions!

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The most significant change this week is Uranus Retrograde. Uranus is the rebel planet who creates change whether we like it or not! While appearing to move backwards, we end up feeling like we are taking steps backwards in life. It is not always a great feeling but can help us get very clear about our forward trajectory.

In Western astrology, Uranus R is in Taurus. Many will find issues around money, assets, resources, stability and our bodies to be a real issue during this time. Sometimes we have to test our boundaries a little to become very clear of what they are.

Every year, Uranus goes retrograde, and is known to be a subtle sign when retrograde as it challenges our innovative thinking. However this year, I do instinctively feel it will be bigger than that. The key here is CHANGE in physical sense: new social/work groups, new experiences, new approaches, new lovers and new jobs!

In Esoteric astrology, Uranus is Retrograde in Aries, the sign of war, aggression, sex and action. It is no surprise the Taliban takeover happened at the very beginning of this energy switch, though usually it can be an earthquake or natural disaster.

When the energy appears to be moving "backwards" in a retrograde, the usual energy of Aries is stunted and has us reevaluate our position. Temper and dramatizations can be a major issue during this time. We may have to learn to be more objective and not allow our emotions get the best of us. Tantrums do not work anymore.

This can also cause setbacks to our plans. Do not be too disappointed, though! Whenever there is a setback it is actually serving a person to our overall character development and the ultimate success of this year.

The big question with this Uranus Retrograde is, how is this working for me?

What is Spirit trying to get me to see?

If you can find answers to those questions, then no doubt you will thrive during this season!

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