Awaken God Within You

In the metaphysical world (including spirituality, religion, etc.) there is a clear concept of a

world that is unseen. Some even believe it is the 99% where life happens, and this physical world is just the peak. Others refer to the spiritual dimension as a place of battle. Where good v. evil predominates, constantly appearing in our physical realm and trying to sway the odds.

Many people utilize prayer to try to call forward God, guides, angels, etc. to their defense.

We utilize this guidance and support in all sorts of ways: for healing, direction, knowledge, intervention, etc. You name it; people ask for it!

What this means is that we all seems to believe in the metaphysical community in an outside power that is not only good, but more capable and powerful than ourselves. We all submit to our humility and need for assistance, especially on our darkest days.

If that be the case, how can we then call forward this Great, Majestic and Powerful presence into our lives on a daily basis to defy some of the most cunning and baffling battles we experience?

Well, why not just ask?

I would suggest to write a letter to your Higher Loving Power, Parent, God, Spirit, etc. and invite them into your experience. Ask them for help to heal the parts of yourself that are self sabotaging, negative, distressing and that are no longer serving you.

And example of this might look like:

Dear God,

Please come into my father, in whatever way you choose, to change me and mold me into the person you made me to be. Father, I ask that you quiet the critic inside of me and inspire great wisdom, understanding and love that only you can give. I pray that you make me more like you and more like what you intended for me to be.

Please Father God eliminate doubt, shame, mistrust and fear from my internal world and make me a strong channel for your work to be done in this world. Make me like you and make me a warrior for your goodness.

This may sound trite or not any more special than a prayer, but remember that this world can be confusing at times. We can forget that our prayers and your calls out to spirit are POWERFUL!!!!!!! They shake the world up in ways we never knew was possible. Not because PRAYER is so powerful, but because GOD IS!!!!

So please, express yourself to your higher power today. YOU are WORTH IT!!!



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