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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

*** Astrology Update ***

Mercury has gone DIRECT!!!! Yay!!!

This is absolutely the BEST NEWS I have had for a while.

Thank you to all who showed up yesterday LIVE for Magickal Grace (Facebook/12Radio).

I had SUCH a blast with you all-- as I always do!

We are still in Libra Season according to Esoteric Astrology, making for a VERY interesting election. It was so interesting to see the blue/red map of America. It was like watching the Libra Scales trying to even out! Which side holds the most "weight" or energy?

The same thing is happening to us on a personal level. Perhaps it's actual physical weight, and you're trying to find the right balance of foods to find your happy zone. Or perhaps you're working from home and struggling to put enough weight, or energy, into your work. Or perhaps you don't HAVE enough energy coming in and you're worried about this.... listen, beauties. This is what Libra season is all about. Put your weight, your energy, towards what you want. There are NO promises that it will come immediately; Libra is a slower moving sign like Taurus. But what is important here is moving towards a healthy and happy homeostasis in every area of life.

What's also interesting is we have Neptune Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius (the Visionary). This takes off the rose colored glasses and makes us catastrophize everything happening in our personal lives and in the world. It is a "too sober" look at things that can depress us. It can make us feel sad. And the goal here is to learn our true hearts desire. our true values. If something makes you sad, why? What is it that you truly care about? Family, health, consideration, compassion? Your values are the most authentic part of you! Fight for them on a daily basis, and you won't feel so helpless or disenfranchised.

Let me be the barrer of GOOD NEWS and let you know Neptune is going DIRECT this month (yayyyyy) so the doom and gloom will lift a bit. We will once again feel like there is HOPE and will be less held down by our experience.

But let's not wait till the end of November. Let's remember we are actors in a great play. Do you want to be that character that we could describe as the "fool" or do you want to be the stoic, reserved one who acts on wisdom rather than reacts on foolishness? Stay open until any final decisions are made. Your identity and future depend on it!!!

Blessings Angels,


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