Are You Making the Right Choice?

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Hello Magikal Beauties, Thank you for joining me for another edition! I hope Mercury Retrograde isn't causing you too much trouble. We all know how he loves to mess with technology (as my internet was out this morning), cars, etc. That little devil! But do remember that there is much more value to Mercury Retrograde. SO many times, my major breakthroughs have been during Mercury Retrograde and I can tell you, with absolute certainty, this one will produce physical results that will leave you happier than ever! So let's embrace change with some self-reflection: Denial or Discernment? Denial: n refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant a patient in denial about his health problems. Discernment: n ability to judge well; (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding. If you think these two nouns sound like polar opposites, you are right! They are the opposite ends of the choice spectrum we work with everyday. It actually goes something like this: Denial -----> Some Choice -----> Greater Choice -----> Discernment It is a spectrum for how we face any small or big circumstance, but is especially helpful when we are struggling.

As an example, last night I was thinking about studying and how I really do not want to. For licensure, I have to pass a test and I really am not as interested in sociology. I can easily allow time to go by until I absolutely need to study and then bang it out. But these are not the habits I enjoy! Procrastination brings shame, guilt, stress, etc. Yet, I have very little will to study. So, after binge watching Dirty John on Netflix (I definitely recommend, second season I think is even better than the first), I finally faced the Choice Spectrum on my white board and asked where I was with studying: DENIAL!!! "I can always study tomorrow" "But I have so much time" "Maybe I'm being too hard on myself" "It's sociology's fault-- too boring!" In the words of sociologist Robert Merton, social deviance is a product of a disorganized structure. And guess who is a disorganized structure? I am. So, I started studying, and mapped out my goals for studying 5x/week, for the next month. It really is so easy and only comes down to 2 pages a day. Doable? ABSOLUTELY!!! So I moved myself from denial to some choice when I decided to study, to greater choice when I decided to plan out my month, and finally to discernment when I realized disorganization, rather than sociology, was the problem. I had FUN last night studying (I know, I sound mad). But it really was fun! It was like a game and I engulfed myself more in the process. Now I am actually NOT STRESSING and looking forward to my next study session. What I did yesterday was get honest with myself in an objective manner. And this works for more than studying; it works for any area of your life that you are struggling with. Dating, food, problematic situations, your lifestyle, etc. I would advise creating your own Choice Spectrum and posting it somewhere you can be interactive with. Try it. What do you have to lose besides making better choices for yourself? Hugs, Grace 20 Mins Session with Grace 30 Mins Session with Grace

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