Are You Living in Fear?

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Remember when you were a little child and lived in the moment?

There was no intense fear, unless you were experiencing something profoundly upsetting in

the moment. But our brains had not yet developed the cognitive abilities to see further into

the future.

I don't mean psychically-- I mean fore thought.

The truth is, a million things could go wrong. I like to think about this when I am driving.

I know, it sounds crazy, but bear with me:

I am always afraid I am going to approach a huge and overwhelming bridge. But I don't really know it consciously, so instead, my brain just fills my body with tons of fun chemicals to feel a sense of anxiety or impending doom.

Because of this fear, I drive around thinking about "what could happen". I counter this fear by taking it further: street lights falling, children running in the street, a car swerving into me. Many things could happen, yet they are unlikely.

I point of that an alien invasion could fall from the sky and Independence Day 2021 could erupt.

The further I go with these, "what ifs", the more I realize that I do have trust in myself and in the Universe. Yes, things could go wrong, but I am not helping the situation very much by anticipating and driving myself mad with worry. What WILL help the situation, is for me to be connected and grounded in the moment so that if something terrible erupts, I am in a position to respond healthily to it.

What that looks like: I look at the trees, and connect to them. I see the sky, and connect to it. I connect to the cars and homes around me, one by one. The more I do this, the more comfortable I feel in my environment. Simply stating, "I am connected to.... x, y, z."

T.S. Elliot once said that every moment is a fresh beginning. Could you pause today, take a deep breath in, and decide to allow this moment to be yours? Allow the lamp, the bed, the ground, the walls... whatever it is! Allow yourself to connect and to feel alive.

The more we do this, the more we realize the falsehood of our negative perceptions.



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