Amends: Be the Change

Updated: May 26, 2020

Good morning, Beauties! I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday. Or, Sunday! Whatever you celebrate :) It is an exciting morning to see how close we are to Aries Season (officially). As you know, I look at the Sidereal Points (exact coordinates) in astrology, to get a deeper sense of where we are. Traditional astrology is very much still valid, but I interpret Sidereal to mean, where we ought to go v. where we are. Just a deeper dive! And to me... the last few weeks have NOT felt like Aries Season. Underwater Pisces, though? Absolutely!!! The Moon is in Sagittarius today in the 8th house of Rebirth & Transformation. In this final moment of Pisces Season (with the Higher Vibration being Pluto of Transformation), I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! By, perhaps, making Amends to the past. That doesn't mean you have to go out and apologize for any wrong doing! But perhaps, during this season, you have experienced a lot of fear. How can you amend fear? I will be honest I had a weekend long migraine and was a bit pissy with our local grocery store for allowing people to stay in line for 2 hours and to not tell them they could not come in without a face mask.

My pissy-ness didn't quite help. Maybe it did. I am a bit of a vigilante on the streets and sometimes need to remember tactic is equally important! But these essential workers are working in dangerous conditions and working their asses off! So instead of how I can criticize, perhaps, how can I help? Ugh. Self-development SUCKS sometimes. But when you recognize you did something off, you can ALWAYS amend it. That's the beauty of humanity. We are actually quite forgiving by nature, so long as the true intent is understand, and some change is made. Now, I have ripped out my character defects for YOU. And I have shown you how I get rid of my shadows and turn them into empowerment. How do you do it? How do you BE the change you want to see in this world? Blessings to you, Friends! We are all Human. We all deserve Grace. Love, Gracie Rae

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