A NEW Self-Image

Each day is an opportunity to practice self-acceptance and value. What we value, we care for. What we value, we respect. What we value, we take pride in.

What we value, is more than an object, but a symbol of a much greater reality.

I am much greater than an individual; I am a channel for the divine.

And as such, I will allow the first sunlight of GRACE, to shine upon me.

We walk around with the baggage of yesterday. The experiences, words, trauma and grief... the abandonment and internalization of negativity. We walk around believing that we were responsible for our heart attack. We walk, like little lambs, into the slaughter.

On this day, I choose to be a Lion, not a Lamb. I choose to give the blame back, when it is appropriate. I choose to acknowledge mistakes are essential to evolution. I choose to take my heart aches, and heal them;

for we must heal to scar... and we must have scars to be strong. I now choose to release all old, and programmed, negative self-images of myself. I refuse to give others power over my self-esteem, self-care and self-trust. These negative images are burdensome and have no place in my life. Today I replace these old, victim images with perfect acceptance of all that I am. I am human, I am worthy, and I am doing the best I can.

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