A New Narrative

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

******** SALE DAY ********** Happy 12 Day, Beauties! And thank you to all that joined live on Tuesday for Magickal Grace. It was such a beautiful experience; I love spending my Tuesdays with you all! Today is a VERY magical day, because it's 12 Day!!! Meaning, we will be having a sale ALL DAY LONG. And I am living for it. Change the Story: You were born into this world a perfect child, unjaded by the projections of others. But as time progressed, you started to pick up messages and narratives, that were not actual representatives of your true self but the baggage of others. These messages can look like: "Ugh, you're so lazy (not good enough)" "You are selfish (too much)" "You only care about yourself (shameful)" "I wish you worked harder (not enough)" "You never listen (scapegoated rebel)"

These messages may have been in a time of chaos or frustration, but if repeated more than once, they start to paint the picture of our perceived identity. And 100% of the time, they are projections, since as humans we detest the things in others we actually hate in ourselves. And so you took on this baggage as a representative of yourself. Now I really want you to think of that shameful voice inside telling you mean things. What does it say? And where does it come from? This Voice is a lie. Recently a loved one who was always condemned as "lazy" and "uninterested" was diagnosed with ADD. His whole life he was told he wasn't enough, yet, he was battling a mountain he could not overcome. His sense of self and esteem were greatly harmed in the process of this negative depiction. The truth is, he just needed help. Whatever you are battling today, can you perhaps consider that YOU might just need some help? Maybe you are up against your own mountain and asking too much of yourself, with not enough self-compassion. Remember, if we can soften the sharp edges of how we treat ourselves, we can also build up the parts that are lacking: love, compassion, confidence, strength and faith. I believe in you beauties!! May you believe in yourself, too. Blessings, Grace 20 Mins Session 30 Mins Session

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