A New Blueprint

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hey Beauties! 

Thank you for joining me this week for another, Weekly Grace. 

I had such a fun time on 12Radio this week. 

Brian, a paranormal expert and my brother, is not only informative but so funny! 

He definitely made the show a hit. Make sure to catch it on demand or during encore. 

We also presented our trailer for our upcoming documentary. 

A spooky adventure we are so happy to share:

A New Blueprint 

As you may know, I love manifesting. I was thinking the other day about all that is involved in manifestation. Most often, people get stuck without a fully realized vision for their dream, goal or hope. Their manifestation falls flat because they never took the time to carve out a vision for themselves or consider what that would imply. 

I encourage people to not have one goal, but a full vision for their lives. This is helpful to keep balance and realistic expectations. If we are not realistic, we can become easily frustrated. 

This week, I was inspired to adopt a new ritual based on astrology elements. 

Air- Vision and perspective (mental health)

Fire- What you are passionate about (will power)

Water- Your emotional state (psyche)

Earth- What currently is/ belongings (physical world)

Ever hear the old adage, "bloom where you are planted"?

We hear things like this... "be grateful", "appreciate what you have", "give thanks" and "take nothing for granted". 

Yet, how many of us use our lives... not Joe, Sarah, celebrities or our dream partner... as a foundation to move forward? This is the clue to understanding:

Am I rooted in myself... or rooted in fantasy? 

Now, there is nothing wrong with fantasy. It is part of our artistic, whimsical and emotional nature. It offers value to our existence. However, if we are moving forward in fantasy, we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to manifest FROM our reality. 

Let me offer an example:

Jane dreams of a perfect partner who is svelte, handsome, and ambitious... she dreams of taking her cooking skills to the next level, perhaps opening a bakery. She is 36 years old and desperately wants to get married, have children, have a successful bakery and travel often. 

Honestly... that DOES sound like a dream life! It sounds wonderful, and since I have been binge watching Gordon Ramsey, I can attest to it's attainability LOL. 

But where does she start? How does she move forward? How does she turn this dream, vision or fantasy into a tangible reality that she so genuinely deserves?

The problem with Jane, isn't Jane. It's that she was never offered the support, love, guidance, encouragement and direction to obtain these goals. Left to her own devices, she is deep in a hole of inaction, distorted by fantasy that makes her day-to-day existence palatable. But I believe, she deserves it ALL. She deserves to LIVE her fantasy. 

Not tomorrow; but now. 

Scripting her Life (Current): Air- Fantasy focused;  no prospect beyond accounting jon Fire- She passionately watches romance movies and bakes in her off time; dabbles on         dating apps but nothing has stuck  Water- Lonely and tired often; feels a lack of confidence  Earth- She is ashamed of the excess weight she has put on, her stagnant existence, lack of                   savings. Same job for years hoping a relationship would change everything  Now, this may seem bleak at first. But is it? Jane is fully capable of making changes. She just needs to see the areas that are holding her back. She needs to know where she stands before she can move forward.  After looking at her list, I would suggest small changes moving forward.  When she bakes, why not create a recipe book? Trying new recipes that she would present at her bakery. Make a large batch and then take them to work, where she can express her talent! And begin to make a name for herself.  She only has to do this once a week. She can otherwise use exercise as a confidence booster. Again, start slow: stretching, walking, etc. to not only boost her endorphins but her ability to move forward (sending a psychological signal that forward motion is possible).  Eventually, she can explore options with baking:  Group glasses. Farmers market. Events. Etc.  Hey, if Mildred Pierce could do it... so can Jane!!!  But let's not stop there. Jane has been emotionally down for some time. Her confidence is shot. She needs some practice in love before she meets "the one". And it always starts with the self. Beyond baking, she needs to start affirming her worth, value and love to herself. She ought to try more activities she loves such as reading, socializing, dancing and having fun to remember how beautiful her life is! Never did anyone beat themselves into a happy life. Happiness, love and fun beget more of the same!  A few weeks or months down the line, she ought to get dressed up and go out with friends. Begin exploring what it would be like to go on a date. When she is ready, retake a whole new set of photos that represent her love of life and self. Then get to app'ing, dating, socializing and doing the most!  Truth it, we are all Jane. We forget that our lives are a dance between our emotions, brain, will and body. We have these separate elements and they ALL need to be fortified to truly be happy.  So, Jane... what are you waiting for?  Discounted Rates:  LOVE HELP


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