A Good God

Welcome beauties to another edition of Weekly Grace.

I thank you for joining me here today.

Little Eyes

I remember as a little girl sitting in what appeared to be a very large and very ominous place called "church". I must've spent a lot of time examining the architecture, because I so vividly remember the brown painted beams that went across the roof of the structure. There also hung these large ceiling fans I used to fear would fall and hit someone in a horrific accident (haha I know, morbid).

Once the church decided to paint a mural that can only be described as Catholicism on acid; this was immediately painted over! I remember in the front of the church a large wooden sculpture of Jesus on the cross. It was painful to look at and invoked a response of longing and pain.

I can go on about the statues, pews, the very large bells they rang during the ceremony or the guy who had a candle on his head. This was my interpretation of religion and God: foreboding, confusing, structured, ritualistic and painful.

I bring this up because, today, I have a very different view of God.

Today, I see God as intimate, loving and accepting, masterful, warm and deeply caring. There is no more separation and confusion; there is a basis of understanding. Things are happening for me, not against me.

A Different View

I used to think in order for God to be on my side, I needed to earn his or her love. I needed to be a "good girl", or else God would allow catastrophe to strike me.

The big leap of faith came by realizing my life doesn't have to be good in order for God to love me. Instead, because God loves me, my life becomes good.

God says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life." Psalm 32:8

Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it... Don't be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. Matthew 10:29, 31

These are not sentiments of a God, of a Divine Spirit, that is constantly deciding between reward and punishment. This God IS love and care. And they are telling us that we are deeply loved, cared for and have a better life planned with them than we could ever imagine!

Can I get an AMEN!!??

Hahaha, I know I am being a bit scriptural! But this point is the foundation for what comes next.

It's All Around You

If we look to the stars, we see the thumb prints of Spirit saying to us now, "let me lead you... let go and let me show you what is possible".

We have and continue to go through a painful pandemic, political unrest, division and a fear based society. We wish for the best but sometimes bleak reality overwhelms our senses and we lose hope for a better tomorrow.

We suffer great pain and think, "Ah! This is what can happen! Now I need to be in control or else everything will fall apart". And yet, we are being asked now to surrender that control.

I want to remind us, what we try to control ends up controlling us. When we go into survival mode, we block off pain, but also block off possibility.

I want all of us to live our best lives, but we can not do that while white knuckling. It takes that foundational knowledge that life is for us, not against us, to allow the divine to truly work miracles in our lives.

So what's the message for today?

What if everything in your life is actually working for you? How would that change your view about your future?

It may seem simplistic, but please humor me. What if you were so loved, worthy and adored that even the stars in the sky are working for your happiness. Welcome to Possibility.

Blessings, Grace

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